Meet the ’14 Mariners | Line ’em up

serious addition





Obviously, there was a big, serious addition to the lineup but, listed in no particular order  . . .

C MIKEzunino
A hand injury suffered last season hampered Mike’s development for this season. He appears fully recovered and while main focus has to be handling the pitching staff (something his ACE gives him high praise for) hopefully, he’ll be able to make up for lost time at the plate (as one of only TWO righties in the regular line-up) as well as behind it.

1B JUSTINsmoak
Skipper made the proclamation at the start of ST that 1B was Justin’s to lose – definitely time (possibly past time?) for him to have a breakout season.

So far, has been AS ADVERTISED and more ~ not only at the plate and in the field as an awesome bat and a great fielder but, also in the clubhouse as a wonderful mentor with an exceptional work ethic. Multiple players have expressed their appreciation for Robbie’s willingness to help younger players by sharing his knowledge and experience.

SS BRADmiller
There was a pretty intense competition between Brad and Nick but, in the end, Brad won out with an exceptional ST and Nick (while many speculated he would be traded – and may still be at some point) was sent to AAA

3B KYLEseager
Of the players that have come up in the past few years, Kyle has been, by far, the most consistent so, no reason to expect any less from him that good AB’s with a little bit of power and super solid handling of the hot corner.

While his Spring stats aren’t going to wow anyone, the whole package: range in center, speed, approach at the plate and aggressiveness (at the plate, on the bases and in the field) is likely what won Abraham a place on the 25-man, as well as a serious lead-off option.

For the first time in his big league career, Dustin can focus on ONE position: LEFT FIELD. With Cano ensconced at 2B and Almonte and Saunders in CF and RF respectively, seems like this singular focus may just be the ticket to the success we’ve been hoping to see.

RF MICHAELsaunders
While athletically gifted with strength, speed, agility and occasional power, Michael is lacking what Kyle epitomizes: consistency. Like Justin, seems like this may be a “make or break” year for Michael.

DH LOGANmorrison
Coming off knee surgery, doesn’t seem like he will be able to provide near the production that Morales did but, far be it from Rosy to be pessimistic. At the very least, CupOfLoMo seems to have taken over the role of “class clown” 😉