g1 | Opening Day Fun for Felix ~ fun for everyone!


Here’s hoping that first position won’t be a stranger come June, July and August (I like they put the ‘Stros in second 😉 )


Mariners 10 | Angels 3

I was SO happy when I heard that the M’s would again be hosting an #OpenHouse for Opening Day!

I attended with my friend Kathy and we had a blast! So good to be “home” again 🙂

Obviously, the game was awesome (and I’ll get to that in a moment) but, it was even fun just people watching (well, except for a couple of yahoos that ran out on to the field – honestly, there wasn’t even a game, what’s that about?!?). Anyway, so many little kids running around, being silly, having fun. All the M’s gear – sure, there was a smattering of Seahawks blue and green but, Mariner navy and teal were in ample supply. And, the best part (apart from the win)? We don’t have to wait an entire week for the next game 😉

Has Felix overcome his nemesis?
I admit, when Trout took Felix deep for a 2-run shot ~ in the 1st ~ I didn’t have a lot of hope that he would. But, not only did he recover, he got stronger as he went on (well, there was that little 30-pitch 3rd inning that hampered his chance to go more than SIX innings but, hey, it’s Opening Day!). It was great to see the bats rally in the top of the 7th to keep the book open for Felix for his eventual win  6IP ~ 4H ~ 2R ~ 3ER ~ 1BB ~ 11K

} Yourvis, Charlie, Tom and Danny combined for THREE scoreless innings (especially awesome to see Tommy go out there and be effective for 1+)

Hard to find non-contributors here . . .

Even the TWO guys that didn’t get a hit (Morrison and Saunders) each walked and scored (and Michael also had an RBI)

more fun with numbers . . .
~ FOUR players had TWO hits (Almonte, Cano, Smoak, Ackley)
~ THREE players had ONE hit (Miller, Seager, Zunino)
~ FOUR doubles (Smoak, Seager, Almonte, Cano)
~ TWO triples (Zunino, Ackley)
~ ONE homer (Smoak)
~ EIGHT walks!

Ironic that Cano’s first hit as a Mariner was an infield single 😉
(since he was regularly dogged in NY about “jogging” to 1B)


Smoak Bomb

Scoring on the bomb

Scoring on the bomb

got it!

got it!

to Disneyland!

to Disneyland!












Not a super stellar night with the glove . . .
* Seager with an error
* Ackley with an ugly route to Pujols’ double off the wall
* Just not an overall good feel for the DEE but, it’s early 😉



more “flag fun” 😉


tweets of the game . . . 


Looks like Justin is to be congratulated for more than just the game tonight . . . 


Thoughts and Prayers to Don Baylor after the horrific first pitch incident 😦