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The last time the Mariners swept a season opening series, my oldest daughter was only a few weeks old ~ that was in 1985

‘t wasn’t just a SWEEP of their division rivals of LAAAA land – ‘t was more like a POWER VAC  – yes there are 26 “!” ONE for each of the TWENTY-SIX runs the M’s scored in this series (while holding the Halos to only EIGHT)

Lot more baseball to play but, sure feels good to start out like this!


Mariners 8 | Angels 2

James Paxton’s outing = wow.
What was I worried about?!?
(not sure why but, JP is one I’ve been fretting about a bit – never mind my off base intuition!)
99 P ~ 7 IP ~ 2H ~ 0ER ~ 9K

} Joe finally got a “real” appearance in, and made the best of it = no runs, no hits, no walks
} Noesi made the 9th a bit interesting when a strikeout victim reached 1B via a WP and then Trout tripled to score that run and then scored on a sac fly (but hey, that was the extent of the Halos sccoring

The bats are slacking off ~ only FOUR extra base hits tonight 😉 . . .
~ TWO doubles (Brad and Stefen) and  TWO homers (Mike and Justin, back-to-back)
~ In his SECOND major league game, Stefen recorded his FIRST major league HIT, his FIRST major league RBI and FIRST major league RUN scored
~ At the other end of the spectrum – good old Willie showed he’s still got the wheels to take him from 1B to home on a long single (in this case, off the bat of Brad)

* awesome “recovery play” by Michael (who took over in right for Stepen in the 6th) – he slipped and went down on his knees but, kept his eye on the ball the entire way into his glove.
* nice to know Kyle can be spelled and defense isn’t compromised – old Willie can charge and toss from the hot corner

tweets of the game . . .