g9 | Felix’s Happy Kingdom

from section 342 of the Supreme Court | 4.11.14

from section 342 of the Supreme Court | 4.11.14

Mariners 6 | Athletics 4

Short of perfection, he could hardly have been more “Kingly” . . .

  • The A’s didn’t get their first hit until the second batter in the 4th inning (and then it was back-to-back singles)
  • They had base runners again in the 5th via a lead off double and a rare error by Robbie
  • In the 6th, Felix struck out the side
  • He left the mound in the 7th (after hitting the lead-off guy and allowing a single) to a rousing standing O with a whirling tip of his cap

SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

The bullpen however, appeared a bit “jester-ish”  . . .
} Lucas walked the only batter he faced, leaving the bases loaded for Danny who walked his first batter (the one who’d been hit by Felix) and there went the shut out. Danny recorded a strikeout but, then Charlie allowed a couple of singles and threw a wild pitch and before we knew it the A’s had FOUR runs and Felix’s gem was in severe jeopardy. Thankfully, Charlie got the next batter to pop up.
} Fernando had us holding our collective breath when the lead-off guy (Jaso) doubled in the 9th but, a pop-up and a couple of strikeouts later, he had his THIRD save and . . . . Mariners Win!


Nice to score early . . .
~ Abe’s lead-off double, a bunt base hit, and a single and some sloppy play by the A’s netted the M’s ONE run (probably should have been more)
~ Dustin doubled with TWO outs in the 4th and, again, the A’s looked like the Bad News Bears as he scored on Mike’s single who made it to 2B on a throwing error and then scored on Abe’s single and another A’s fielding
~ Dustin led off the 6th with a single (his THIRD hit of the game) and Mike brought him home with a monster no-doubter over LF and then Brad added a 400+ blast to dead center for the M’s SIXTH and final run of the evening

Not sure I’ve ever seen such sloppy play from the A’s (a couple of times no errors recorded but, they just looked lost)
* Abe had a couple of really nice catches (one at the wall and one charging forward)
* Justin was solid, as usual, at 1B

tweets of the game . . .


my photos of the game . . .

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