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The A’s just keep coming and coming with spectacular pitching (haven’t seemed to skip a beat, even with their injuries) and their defense was more to form today and yesterday than in that first wacky game. Despite losing 2 of 3 in BOTH series, the M’s have played the A’s close (over all run differential 14-16, compared to domination over the Angels 31-13). So, hopefully, the fact that the M’s were the last in the majors to lose back-to-back games is more about the A’s stellar pitching than the M’s recent bat struggles.

At least the M’s don’t face the A’s again till early May ~ maybe by then the bats can figure something out 🙂

Mariners 0 | Athletics 3

It didn’t result in a win but, Chris Young had a nice outing (granted, backed up by his OF DEE) . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts
(considering it was his first big league start in nearly TWO years, not too shabby!)

Pretty sad . . . .
Robbie had TWO of the THREE total M’s hits, Brad had the other

Only the second game without an extra base hit . . .
M’s are 0-5 in games without a home run and 0-5 in games with two or less extra base hits

* Cespedes had a dropped fly but, other than that, the DEE was pretty stellar on BOTH sides
* Lots of long fly balls at the wall, Smoaky with his usual GG worthy DEE and Willie with a nice diving catch in LF

tweets of the game . . .