g12 | Bats get going in Arlington and Elias earns 1st MLB win

Didn’t see much of this one, due to the early start time AND the fact that I was distracted by events in another part of Texas . . .

My God daughter, who lives in Austin, gave birth to her first born!
(right about the time Mike Zunino hit the home run!)

Lots of good stuff from Texas tonight 🙂

Mariners 7 | Rangers 1

Roenis earned his FIRST big league victory in his THIRD big league start . . .
Nice progression getting into the 7th inning in his THIRD BIG LEAGE start, pitching into the 7th

} Yourvis and Danny gave up TWO walks and TWO hits respectively but, in the end, got it done

Lots of fun in the box score tonight, like . . . .
~ the “S’s” (Saunders, Seager and Smoak) all with TWO hits and ONE run each (Saunders and Seager each w/an RBI as well)
~ Mike Z with TWOs across the board . . . TWO hits TWO runs and TWO RBI
(including a moon shot homer that broke the M’s 24 scoreless innings streak)
~ Robbie and Dustin also checking in with RBI singles
~ extra base hits . . . ONE of EACH . . . double by Justin, triple by Michael, homer by Mike
~ and then there was a bit of help from some super sloppy play by the Rangers (THREE of the SEVEN runs were UNearned)

Whoa! the box score says FOUR double plays!!!
Thanks to RootSports for showing some of the DEE (that I missed live) in slow-MO . . .
* super smooth DP by Brad-Robbie-Justin
* nifty fielding of a bunt by Kyle
* nice sliding catch in CF by Abe
* super-SCARY, near-disaster, collision between Dustin and Brad trying to field a shallow, foul ball (thankfully, all OK)

quotes of the game . . .

“This was big,” said Elias, who hasn’t seen his parents since leaving Cuba. “I’m very happy my companions got the win. I dedicate this to my wife and my child. My wife’s not here, she’s in Mexico, but I saw my son today and it encouraged me all day.”

“He came off of a boat,” McClendon said. “I don’t think facing Prince Fielder is really going to scare him that much. He was fighting for his life trying to make it to this country. He’s shown a lot of poise.”

Greg Johns | MLB.com


tweets of the game . . .