g16 | of rallies, transfers and home run machines . . .

The game was much closer than the final score would indicate and encouraging signs for the M’s . . .
-like coming from behind again, TWICE
-like great combo of mid-relief
-like nice defense (despite the errors) all ’round
But, obviously, some disappointments and frustrations as well . . .
-like Chris Young’s early exit
-like Yourvis, struggle (thought there were extenuating circumstances: “the transfer” and that Giancarlo guy)

Mariners 4 | Marlins 8

heart break








Chris got hit hard this time ’round and, consequently, didn’t last long . . .
THREE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

The bullpen was stellar – to start . . .
} Joe, Tom, Charlie and Yourvis combined for FOUR+ innings of scoreless releif
} then came the 9th and Yourvis lost it – two singles with no outs and then “the transfer” . . .
Yourvis made a BEAUTIFUL play on a bunt, fielding it bare-handed and tossing it to Kyle at 3B for what was initially ruled the first out of the inning. Unfortunately, the play was reviewed and subsequently over-turned (ruling that Kyle didn’t have possession on the transfer) and the runner was called safe – leaving bases loaded, no outs, (instead of runners at 1B and 2B w/one out) . . . enter Giancarlo and the rest is history.

It looked as if they might chase Eovaldi early . . .
~ both Abe and Corey had 9+ pitch ABs in the 1st
~ but, he ended up lasting SIX and only ONE of the THREE runs he allowed were earned
~ still, good to see the come from behind acumen for the second straight night
~ also good to see Kyle gettin’ it goin’ a bit and Corey continuing to swing well
~ and, James Jones got his first major league hit in his first major league at bat (infield single!)

The M’s were able to capitalize on some miscues by the Marlins but, unfortunately, vise versa
* Nice caught stealing by Mike to Brad – nailed!
* Joe had a nice pick-off of Salty at 1B in the 5th
* and, had it not been over-turned via replay due to “the transfer”, Yourvis’s play would have earned WebGem honors, no doubt.

tweets of the game . . .