g17 | frozen bats in Miami . . .

Whodathunk that the M’s largest margin of loss so far this season would be to the Marlins?

That said, losing is losing (and it sucks!) but, I’ll take the frustration of getting TWO-hit occasionally over the heart break losing a lead late, any day (must just be my defense mentality – once you have the lead, you should be able to maintain it!).

Mariners 0 | Marlins 7

frozen bats






Roenis had to work hard tonight and, despite the result, he looked pretty poised doing it . . .
kept ’em scoreless through TWO, allowed ONE UNearned run in each of the 3rd and the 4th innings. He was just  O N E  strike away from getting through the 6th but, gave up a THREE-run homer
FIVE.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SIX runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Danny came in for the last out of the 6th (struck out Giancarlo) and posted a scoreless 7th
} Fernando came in for the 9th (pretty much the only BP guy that needed work) and gave up  a run on a couple of singles (but, also struck out Giancarlo)

Move along . . . nothing to see here . . .
Alverez was on his game tonight (easy to see how he pitched a no-hitter last year) facing only THREE batters in EVERY inning, until the 9th – where he faced FOUR :/

Dustin and Mike were the only batters with hits (single and double, respectively) and not a single Mariner walked.

Not exactly a banner day in the field . . .
a nice double play to end the 3rd but, an error by Abe and a passed ball by Mike (his first of the season) both resulted in UNearned runs


tweets of the game . . .