g19 | home SOUR home and an UNhappy Felix Day . . .

‘Stros were on a SEVEN game losing streak, M’s on a SIX gamer – something had to give – so much for sweet and happy at home 😦

The combination of sucky DEE, lack of hitting with RISP and an unusually UNsharp Felix made for a pretty embarrassing night all ’round.

Mariners 2 | Astros 7


Felix gave up his first hit of the game with one out in the 4th (he deflected it enough so that the runner just beat Brad’s throw). Felix gave up his first hit of the season w/RISP in the 5th (2-run homer). Felix gave up his second and third hits w/RISP in the 6th (sac fly and RBI double) and the ‘Stros scored FOUR unearned runs to take the 6-2 lead. And that was that for a very UNhappy Felix day . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX runs ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts


} enter the Bartender, and things did not improve . . .
he got TWO quick outs and then: homer, single, walk made it 7-2
Too little, too late Tom sat them down 1-2-3 in the 9th

~ Stefen with the first hit of the game (on either side) in the 2nd, an infield hit (he’s fast!)
~ Abe made up for an ugly miscue in the field w/a pretty ONE out TWO run double to tie the game in the 5th
~ TWO more doubles (Mike and Stefen) but, no more runs
~ Mike with an EPIC foul ball :/

* Unusual “double-play” to end the top of the 1st – batter flies out, runner doubled off 1B
* whoa! Corey can throw the “hard slide” (breaks up the DP in the 4th, putting runners at 1B & 3B with TWO out but, becomes moot as Stefen pops up)
* ugh! Abe had a sharp grounder to shallow CF go between his legs allowing the runner to get to 2B
* Mike fielded a bunt and made a PERFECT throw to 3B but, Kyle muffed it so, not only was the lead-off double safe at 3B, the bunter was safe at 1B
* Stefen was OH-SO-close to robbing Presley of an RBI triple and a nice sliding effort along the short wall (but, a fan caught it, instead of giving way to him :/)

tweet (SINGULAR!) of the game . . .