g21 | Simply Seager Show = losing streak OVAH!

I didn’t get to watch/listen due to the early first pitch but, Kyle sure had a day!
From batting less than his weight to driving in ALL FIVE RUNS in the Mariners win!

good day








Mariners 5 | Astros 3

Chris wasn’t super sharp but, good enough for the QS . . .
love the low hits, so-so runs, hate the walks, like the K’s
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie and Fernando made things a bit more interesting than they needed to be in the 8th and 9th respectively – both allowed a walk and a single (Fernando took 28 pitches to do it) BUT, both escaped damage . . . via a strikeout!

A few singles (Robbie, Corey, Justin, Nick) but, ‘t was Kyle the stole the show . . .
a TWO-run homer in the 8th and a THREE-run homer in the 9th

Can’t really speak to the DEE, since I didn’t see the game just that the M’s didn’t commit any errors but, neither did they turn a DP

tweets of the game . . .