g22 | “baby get your shine on” . . . it’s the Smoak Show!

He can’t technically get the SAVE but, there’s NO question that Justin was the SAVIOR tonight!
His TWO-run double in the 8th gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish (though Fernando tried!) and Justin’s cat-like reflexes allowed him to snare a smash liner for an UNassisted double-play to end the game.



Mariners 6 | Rangers 5

Roenis came   t  h  i  s   close to posting a quality start and, because of the particular circumstances (descriptions forthcoming) his essentially solid performance sort of got lost. He does need to work on his control (one of the three walks came ’round to score AND a wild pitch scored a run) . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Dominic and Yourvis combined for 2.1 innings and allowed ONE run, ONE walk and ONE strikeout
} Enter Fernando, quiver loaded, with a THREE-run lead but, as we have come to know, it’s NEVER easy with Mr. Bow and Arrow and tonight was no exception. He gave up a single to start the inning and, before you knew it, the bases were loaded via another single and a HBP and then, in a blink, he had given up TWO runs, each via the HATED bases-loaded walk. Thank heaven, miracles occurred 🙂

~ Double-digit hits
~ FOUR players with multi-hit games
~ THREE doubles (Stefen, Robbie, Justin)
~ 4-11 w/RISP
~ and, here’s something you don’t see everyday FOUR HBP (TWO of which scored)

* love, love, lovin’ the THREE double plays (really close to four)
* Abe with another ‘bobble’ in CF (on Adrian’s RBI double)
* all-in-all the TWO teams combined for FIVE HBP, FIVE DP and THREE WP

tweets of the game . . .