g25 | raining hits in NY

I had an appointment so, didn’t get to see the game live. I heard some of the post game and caught a few innings of the replay. Always nice to see the guys get a win in the Bronx! This time, amid lots of booing 😉

Yankee fans got “practice” booing Robbie on the streets of NY yesterday afternoon . . .


Mariners 6 | Yankees 3

Way to go, Chris!
Still throwing too many pitches and giving up too many walks but, definitely kept ’em in the game tonight…
FIVE.TWO innings ~ THREE hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie and Danny each gave up a hit but posted scoreless frames in the 7th and 8th
} Fernando was back to the ways we’ve begrudgingly become accustomed to . . .
allowed a run on a double and a couple of singles but, ended up striking out the side – whew!

~ FIFTEEN hits (but ZERO walks)
~ 5 for 18 w/RISP
~ pretty much “singled them to death” as there were only TWO extra base hits (both doubles)
~ After collecting his only hit of the night in the 6th, Robbie stole a base! (later scored and collected an RBI
~ Every starter had at least ONE hit except Stefen. Justin, Dustin and Willie had w/TWO and Mike the star with FOUR hits and ONE RBI

* Extremely RARE error on Justin (bad hop off the the heel of his glove) messed up Chris’s chance for SIX full
* Mike with a throwing error that allowed a SB and a run to score
* Robbie had a bead on a foul ball but Stefen and Justin both came rushing in as well and Robbie lost it among the convergence
* Nice DP to end the 7th (Willie-Robbie-Justin)

tweets of the game . . .