g26 | if you listened hard, you could hear Yanks fans crying “uncle” ~or~ “we want Felix!” :-)

So yeah, I’ve no doubt there was a collective sign of relief from Yankee fandom when it was announced that, due to the rain out, they would miss Felix.


Yanks, meet Roenis.

The game after Zunino was the SECOND youngest player to record FOUR hits in his FIRST game at YS, Roenis did this . . .


Interesting to note that, going into this game . . .

^ Mariners = 1-2 vs teams UNDER .500, 10-12 vs teams OVER .500
^ Yankees = 12-8 vs teams UNDER .500, 3-3 vs teams OVER .500

Clearly, the M’s need to play better against the lessor teams.
Clearly, the Y’s have had a soft schedule, so far.


Mariners 4 | Yankees 2

’tis a game of adjustments and, young Roenis seems to be making them quite well . . .
He was pretty ticked with that lead-off homer to Ellsbury. So much so that, he struck out the side, in order, after that. That lead-off homer would be the ONLY extra-base hit he would allow in his SEVEN innings of work (in fact, that would be the only Yanks’ XBH period). At one point, Roenis struck out FIVE in-a-row. Despite the fact that the results haven’t been there every time, his raw skills are quite evident and you can just feel him improving – awesome to see him put it all together and go SEVEN strong without a TON of pitches and improve his CONTROL, take COMMAND and gain CONFIDENCE – way to go, Roenis!

SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Yourvis 1-2-3 8th and Fernando without TOO much drama (a single to Ichiro with TWO outs) preserved the SECOND win for Roenis, the TWELFTH victory for the M’s and his SIXTH save.

~ Early returns of Michael leading off = thumbs up! His THREE hits was the only multiple tonight.
~ A bit disappointing to see Corey, Justin and Mike go 0’fer
~ But, really encouraging to see that everyone else had at least ONE run and/or ONE RBI. Contribution up and down the line up is a GOOD thing!

* TWO very nice double plays
* and ONE rather ugly attempt at a DP (error charged to Robbie but, seems Brad was a bit mis-placed) that resulted in an un-earned run with the next batter
* Kyle with an awesome, jumping snare of a smash liner for the first out of the 7th


tweets of the game . . .