g27 | of 4am arrivals and an ill Felix . . .

Extra innings have not been kind so far to the M’s this season, who are now 0-2 in bonus baseball. Not to mention their general trouble with Houston. Seems every team, no matter their record/success, has certain teams that give them fits. Pretty much no question that that team for the Mariners is the ‘Stros :\

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Mariners 4 | Astros 5

Third straight UN-happy Felix start . . .
At least there may have been at least somewhat of an explanation – he was suffering from the same bug that ailed Mike Z in NY. But, Felix had his issues with the Stros back at home when he was healthy so, who knows. At any rate, ’twas his shortest outing of the season . . .
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE runs ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} the first group out of the pen (Tom, Joe and Dominic) were stellar = ONE hit, ONE walk, FOUR K’s
} Yourvis gave up ONE of everything (hit, run, walk, strikeout) and the game was tied
} Danny was great – TWO scoreless innings with FOUR strikeouts
} Charlie ended as Felix began, just not feeling it, and gave up the winning run in the 11th

Despite a decent RISP showing (3 for 7) the M’s managed only EIGHT hits in ELEVEN innings with only TWO for extra bases (Kyle double, Mike 2-run homer)
~ But, good to see Brad, Mike and Kyle with multi-hit games
~ And, some patience for a change! (FOUR walks – Michael, Robbie, Justin, Abe)
~ On the bases – Kyle with a steal! Mike with a CS and a PO 😦

* thumbs up: Michael w/a couple of really nice plays in RF (including a bare-hander off the wall for an assist)
* thumbs down: Abe with TWO more errors 😦


tweets of the game . . .