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Mariners 8 | Athletics 3

Roenis, I’ll call him RoEl, with another nice outing and his THIRD major league win . . .
Can’t complain about much – just needs to work on his command and economize his pitches. Early on, most of his outs came via the fast ball, later mostly the curve, with an occasional change up . . .
SIX.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Dominic wasn’t super sharp but, (with a little help from Charlie) posted a scoreless inning+
} I’ll admit it, I was a little nervous when Charlie came trotting in from the ‘pen (even after his DP inducing ground ball last night) to relieve Dominic with TWO on TWO out. But, no need for nerves – he struck out Moss – way to go, Charlie!
} Tom AKA: Bartender, just keeps trending to tending – he did walk one but, took care of biz!

~ Only TWO extra-base hits (seemed like more) both RBI doubles (Justin and Kyle)
~ Justin with THREE RBI (one-run double, two-run single)
~ FIVE guys with multi-hit games
~ even the FOUR batters who went hitless contributed – Michael & Brad w/runs, Corey and Mike w/RBI

~ Oh, what a 9th!
Brad drew a lead-off walk and Michael (who’d been having a rough night at the plate) laid down a bunt and was able to scamper (sorry, I guess condors  g  l  i  d  e  ) to 2B when the pitcher threw it away and Brad got to 3B on the play. Next, James struck out and Robbie was intentionally walked. So, with the bases loaded, Corey grounded into a force out (Robbie out at 2B) and Cole pinch ran for Corey. Then, Justin checked in with 2-out 2-run single and then Kyle with a 2-out RBI double

* A’s starter, Chavez, with a serious self-defense catch of a Michael come-backer (caught it at his head and fell to the ground and was OK!)
* Kyle with a great charging, bare-handed attempt on a bunt – Crisp was just  b a r e l y  safe
* Seems like Leone’s late break to 1B in the 7th prevented a possible DP
* Brad with another throwing error (but, his play in the 9th last night is worth a couple of passes)

tweets of the game . . .



Nice to see Robbie not phased (or, maybe further motivated?) by the falderal from Mo’s book stuff today (and, his manager having his back) . . .
Cano takes the high road| MLB.com

If that’s how Mariano feels, then I respect that,” Cano said. “I’m always going to have respect for him. I spent many years with him. For me, he’s always going to be the best closer. That’s how I feel. … Everybody has a different opinion so you have to respect everyone.”

Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon went to bat for his superstar, touting Cano as the game’s best offensive and defensive second baseman since he joined the league in 2005. McClendon also made a point to note Cano’s durability and consistency over the years, as he has averaged 160 games played since 2007.

“I say it all the time — check the book,” McClendon said. “You want to see a guy’s passion? I think when you play 162 games a year and you don’t want to come out of the lineup, you’ve probably got some pretty good passion for the game of baseball.”