g36 | 96 pitches ~ 2 homers ~ 1 arrow

Mariners 3 | Royals 1 

Mr Young just keeps cruising along . . .
He has won his last THREE straight starts (and the M’s have won his last FOUR straight) but, this was BY FAR his best outing yet (first time w/no walks and most IP)
EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Typically an adventure, tonight’s Nando save was only about a 4 on the “quiver meter” . . .

He got TWO quick ground outs, then gave up a hit which brought the tying run to the plate but, thankfully induced another ground to end it

~ Only TWO extra-base hits but, luckily they were the kind that went far 🙂
~ Dustin and Justin each with homers that accounted for the M’s only runs in the game
~ Nice to see the rook (James), leading off and on base THREE times tonight (hit and TWO walks)
~ Robbie with TWO hits as per usual

The 7th inning might have seen a run or two more but, Robbie was ruled out at 2B after a review. He was originally called safe advancing to 2B on a single with Brad having walked in front of him. The call was over-turned because it was determined that his foot didn’t touch the bag because the baseman was blocking it with his foot. Inning over.

Seems it was the game of the “awkward outfield” . . .
* Dustin made a rather awkward looking catch in the 1st inning, showing some speed to beat James to the ball but, his knee sort of stuck in the ground as he went to dive – luckily, he was able to reach  j u s t  far enough for the ball to drop in his glove. Then, in the 8th, he started to fall down on the warning track just before catching a fly ball.
* Michael had an awkward play of his on a diving attempt at the edge of fair territory in RF – he sort of rolled his ankle as he fell and was limping afterward (the ball rolled into the RF corner for a triple and that runner later on a sac-fly). Michael finished the inning but, did not return to the field after the M’s ups – day-to-day with a hyper-extended knee. ugh! Just as he was coming around due to some regular playing time.

Some super smooth throwing and stretching and catching in the infield, however 🙂


tweets of the game . . .