g37 | bounce back bats can’t overcome gloves of lead . . .

Since I was out doing Mother’s Day stuff, I wasn’t able to see or follow the game. I’m thinking that was a good thing, as it seems the GOOD did not out weigh the BAD and the UGLY . . .

  • the GOOD – offensive onslaught that saw them rally from 0-4 down to a 7-5 lead
  • the BAD – Danny’s outing (the most consistent, reliable reliever so far in the young season)
  • the UGLY – FIVE errors (Kyle, Mike, Justin, Cole-2)

Really disappointing, as it could have been the 5th straight series win.

lead glove








Mariners 7 | Royals 9

Roenis, it appears, pitched better than the box score would indicate . . .
In the 2nd, when he gave up the GS, who knows what would have happened if the error hadn’t occurred (could have been TWO on w/TWO out, instead of bases-loaded w/ONE out). The encouraging thing is that despite allowing a few more hits, he battled and made it hrough FIVE only giving up ONE more run (again, because of lack of DEE behind him) . . .
FIVE innings ~ NINE hits ~ FIVE runs ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts

} today’s Jekyll side of the bullpen (Dominic, Joe and Yourvis) pitched THREE scoreless with only ONE hit, NO walks and FIVE strikeouts
} then there was the Hyde side (from a most unexpected source) . . . Danny. He gave up a sac-fly after loading the bases via a grounds rule double and TWO walks (the first of which was on a VERY questionable call) and then the big blow – a THREE-run homer. The FOUR runs he gave up in the 7th inning were more than his season total of THREE (in 18.2 innings). Ugh.

~ Every starter had exactly ONE hit
~ Dustin had THREE hits, including TWO homers (his first career multi-hit game)
~ Runs and RBI were scattered nicely throughout the line-up
~ Only ONE walk

TWO double-plays were turned (and they had TWO turned against them)
BUT, the sad story of the day was the FIVE errors (I didn’t bother to look up the gory details, suffice it to say I hope there’s a significant amount of infield drills/practice tomorrow!)

tweets of the game . . .