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As per usual, with a weekday afternoon game, I wasn’t able to follow this one – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – here some “not so much fun w/numbers” . . .

  • FIVE total hits in the game
  • each team had exactly ONE extra base hit (a double)
  • each team turned ONE double play
  • TWENTY-TWO strikeouts (SEA 9, TBR 13)
  • the only TWO runs scored were via a bases-loaded walk and a wild pitch – in the same inning

Mariners 0 | Rays 2

It seems like maybe Brandon wasn’t quite as abysmal as his line would appear . . . 
Though he DID throw an awful lot of pitches. He walked a batter in the 1st and gave up the Rays only extra base hit (a double) in the 2nd but, didn’t give up a run until the 4th (when it all unraveled) as he loaded the bases after getting TWO outs and then walked in a run. Dominic relieved Brandon and threw a wild pitch for the Rays second and final run . . .
THREE.TWO innings ~ TWO hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} The remaining innings were STELLAR pitching-wise . . .
Dominic pitched another couple of innings and Tom, Charlie and Danny each pitched ONE. They combined for FIVE scoreless innings w/only ONE hit, TWO walks and TEN strikeouts

James broke up the no-hitter (thankfully!) with a single in the 6th and Dustin would add a ONE out double in the 8th. And that . . . was all she wrote 😦

* Brad with yet another error
* a strike ’em out, throw ’em out DP

tweets of the game . . .