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The M’s run differential in the FOUR-game losing streak was FIVE. Today, they won by FOUR.
Go figure – that’s baseball.

Mariners 6 | Twins 2

Happy Felix Day!
EIGHT innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts = FIFTH win!

} And, thankfully, despite a non-save situation, Nando only posted a 2.5 on the QuiverMeter today (allowed a single with TWO out) before handing Felix the victory.

Early on, it looked as if we would see more of the same, and we did, through FOUR innings anyway . . .
Michael doubled in the 1st with ONE out and was stranded at 2B. They managed to push across a run via a walk and a couple of singles in the 4th and were hoping for more but, Dustin struck out w/runners at 1B and 3B and one out, then Mike walked and then Brad watched strike THREE with the bases loaded :/

Then came the momentum shift in the 5th . . .
~ first time the M’s recorded THREE hits in an inning since Felix’s last start
~ James (singled and scored), Michael (tripled and scored) and Robbie (doubled, scored in a later inning and recorded FOUR hits) = HOT, HOT, HOT!
~ FIVE, SIX and SEVEN in the order weren’t too shabby either (Justin, Kyle and Dustin each had a hit and either an RBI or scored)

There were several really LONG, LOUD outs (pushing the Twins OF’ers all the way to the wall)

* Felix the Cat in the field (close play covering at the 1B bag – runner initially called out but it was over-turned on a challenge by RG and then a nice play on a would-by bunt base hit).
*TWO nice double plays


tweets of the game . . .