g44 | Kuma and the bats dig Arlington

Not a lot of power but, definitely a total TEAM win . . .
Stellar starting pitching, reliable solid relief, plenty of hits (including a few w/RISP for a change!), a couple of stolen bases and some solid DEE

team win






Mariners 6 | Rangers 2

Kuma, Kuma, Kuma!
Yeah, he gave up the homer to Adrian (after posting SEVENTEEN scoreless innings) and that was nearly all she wrote. Amazing that Kuma is performing at this level considering he had such a late start (the finger issue) and NO spring training. The Bear, The Machine – call him whatever you want, just don’t call him late to his 5th start (first FOUR have gone pretty well: 3-0 with a sub-TWO ERA ❤ ❤ ❤ )
EIGHT innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie and Danny take care of the 9th

Everybody hits!
Well, almost. All batters had at least one hit ‘cept Justin and Mike (who walked and scored respectively)
~ Only TWO extra base hits (doubles by the N Carolina guys) in fact, there were NINE singles before the first double but, FOUR batters had MULTIPLE hits (Robbie, Kyle, Dustin, Nick) and each of them had at least ONE RBI (we’ll take it!)
~ Takin’ one (or TWO) for the team ~ Mike and Nick each were HBP and ended up scoring
~ Great to see Nick picking up where he left off in Tacoma (OK, so getting thrown out at 3B with less than TWO outs after singling in his first AB wasn’t so great :/ ) couple of singles, a stolen base and a sac-fly. Contributing.
~ Is Brad getting close? (I really hope so – love his spunk and attitude) a hit and a walk and a run scored.
~ Kudos to James – the hits just keep coming! ELEVEN straight starts with a hit to start his career (breaking Edgar’s record)

Couple of nice DP’s and a great OF catch by Michael . . .


tweets of the game . . .