g45 | split in Texas

Gotta get back to doin’ the little things . . .
FOUR of the M’s last SIX losses have been by ONE run.
The other TWO were by TWO runs.

Mariners 3 | Rangers 4

Man, talk about a rough start but, a decent finish . . .
Chris gave up THREE runs on FOUR hits (3 singles and a homer) and TWO walks in the first inning
He gave up ONE run on THREE hits and ONE walk in the other SIX + innings he pitched
SIX.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ONE strikeout

} Joe, Dominic and Tom combined for scoreless relief allowing only ONE hit and striking out ONE

Chris only had ONE bad inning ~ the M’s bats only had ONE good inning . . .
In the 4th, James lead-off with a triple, Michael had an RBI single and a Robbie 2-run homer (to tie the game). Unfortunately, after that, only a couple of walks, a single and a Robbie double and NO runs

Sad fact, batters 5-9 were Oh fer SIXTEEN . . . ugh!

I wasn’t able to follow the game much at all (though I was lucky enough to catch most of the 4th inning 🙂 ) so don’t know if there were any spectacular plays (no DP’s according to the box score)

It is interesting to note that Robbie hit his SECOND homer of the season today in only the SECOND game that he was the DH. He hit his FIRST homer in the FIRST game that he DH’s – also in Texas. Curious.

tweets of the game . . .