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Mariners 5 | Angels 7

Normally, I have the patience of Job when it comes to all things Mariner . . . .
But, currently with Brandon, it’s about the consistency of rice paper. Come to think of it, M’s track record with pitchers named Brandon, isn’t so hot (though League and Morrow had their moments). Not sure what the realistic options are but, at this point, seems like maybe Brandon should work on some stuff in Tacoma and give someone else a chance while we await the return of Paxton and/or Walker (sounds like there have been some set-backs with Paxton). Anyhoo . . .
FOUR innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Mixed bag with the bullpen . . .
} Dom gave up ONE run on FOUR hits in TWO innings of work
} Joe gave up a hit and a walk in ONE.TWO
} Danny gave up a run in the 9th (his first in SIX outings)

Well, their ratio of runs to hits was pretty good and their spunk was great :/
~ Robbie was out ill, so Michael took his spot in the batting order and drove in THREE runs (2-run homer and a sac-fly) and scored on Kyle’s 9th inning homer after leading off the inning with a walk
~ James was back on track with TWO more hits (including a double) after going hitless last night AND he definitely wins the award for the loveliest uni (and by lovely, I mean DIRTY!)
~ Brad with a couple of hits (sure would be nice to see him get going, as he’s another in that “rice paper” category 😦 )
~ Clutch Kyle is back! Unfortunately, his 9th inning TWO-run shot was too little, too late

Mixed bag with the DEE tonight as well . . .
* couple of errors ~ after FOUR games w/o ONE ~ (Brad and Kyle)
* couple of great plays (namely James crashing up against the CF wall and a nice pick & throw by Kyle)
* and, TWO double plays ONE to end the 2nd ONE to end the 7th (both inning ending – )

tweets of the game . . .