g55 | even up with the Tiggers . . .

Chris continues to shine, the DEE downright sparkled and the O did   j  u  s  t   enough!







Mariners 3 | Tigers 2

Thank you, Mr. Young!
I think after Chris’s last start, Lloyd used the word “godsend” . . . I tend to agree.
He retired the first EIGHT Tigers he faced and then allowed a walk to Davis in the 3rd and Miggy hit a solo shot in the 4th. Chris allowed a double and a walk in the 5th but, came away unscathed. In the 6th, he retired all THREE batters he faced (including TWO strikeouts) and then allowed a lead-off double (that would later score) before exiting…
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie retired the ONE batter he faced in the 7th
} Dom’s WP in the 7th allowed an inherited runner to score but, he then retired the next THREE batters
} Yourvis allowed a ONE out single to Cabrera but retired the nest TWO

and then there was Nando . . .
BB, 1B, K, K, GB = whew! about an EIGHT on the quiver meter for the QMR (quiver meter rating) for his FOURTEENTH save

oh by the way . . .
Tiggers were oh fer six w/RISP 🙂

I was hardly the only one to raise an eyebrow (or two!) at the lineup . . .
and, even though all EIGHT hits were SINGLES, they went 3 for 6 w/RISP and REALLY made the starter (Smyly) work – he was out of the game after only FOUR innings having thrown 105 pitches so, it worked out pretty well (guess Lloyd knows these Tiggers better than anyone) . . .
~ Willie with TWO 2-out RBI singles
~ Cole with TWO hits, including an RBI single
~ Endy and Nick were the only batters that didn’t reach base

* #WebGem (likely game-saver) by Cole up against the LF wall, robbing Kinsler and saving TWO runs
* Endy made a nice #WallCatch as well
* second straight night with no DP’s turned

tweets of the game . . .