g57 | delayed SWEEP ~ take THAT NY rain-outs!

Felix, the M’s OH and the Yanks DEE (or lack thereof) was a good combo to complete the sweep 😉

broom 1

Mariners 10 | Yankees 2

The King was The King ~ we’ve come to expect nothing less, especially when he pitches in NY . . .
While he allowed EIGHT hits and TWO runs – the runs were a bit flukey (see the fielding section) and only ONE of the Yanks’ hits was for extra-bases (Solarte double). Felix retired the last NINE batters he faced, striking out THREE of the last FOUR . . .
SEVEN innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} The bullpen was plenty rested (thanks to Roenis’ CG yesterday) and Charlie and Joe were able to combine for TWO scoreless innings (ONE hit, ONE K)

wow – where do I begin?!?

I’ll start with the small contributors and work my way up . . .
~ James and Endy the only ones without a hit (but, James laid down a bunt and Endy scored a run)
~ Robbie, in his first game back after missing FOUR with a hand injury, walked TWICE and he and Justin each collected ONE hit and ONE rbi
~ Dustin was building a picket fence – ONE hit, ONE run, ONE rbi, ONE walk
~ Brad continues to climb out of a pretty deep hole, posting a hit, a run and TWO rbi tonight (rbis that were actually the turning point of the game – making it 4-2 at that point)
~ Zu contributed with TWO hits, ONE runs and ONE rbi
~ Michael scored ONE run and posted THREE rbi on TWO hits – including an “insurance” run (or so we thought at the time 😉 ) via a solo shot

and now ~ da, da-da, dun . . .

The STAR of the night – Kyle with FOUR extra-base hits!
THREE runs, THREE RBI, ONE double, TWO triples, ONE 3-run homer (his first on the road!)

Funky play that netted the Yanks their only runs in the 4th . . .
with TWO out Ichiro hit a ground ball that Felix kick-saved but, Brad didn’t glove it (tried to make a bare-handed play) and missed it entirely so, the runs scored. Two batters later, Brad redeemed himself with a great knee-sliding catch and throw to Kyle to nail Ichiro trying to go from 2B to 3B

The Yanks had their issues in the field as well . . .
Gardner and Jeter both missed catching a pop-up – bounced out of Gardner’s glove and toward Jeter where it rattled around a bit more without any urgent chase from Derek who, apparently thought it was foul and it resulted in Kyle’s second triple. And, in the 7th, with TWO on and Endy bunting, Phelps tried to throw to 3B instead of 1B – it was a close play and Zu was called safe (Girardi challenged but, the call was upheld and the M’s had bases-loaded, no outs)

* Endy made a fabulous diving catch to rob Ichiro of a sure double and James a nice running catch on Solarte’s lead-off fly ball that were it not for Jame’s jump and exact route would have been at least a long single.

tweets of the game . . .