g59 | Kuma’s back, shutdown pen and leave it to the Beavers

Mariners 2 | Braves 0

leave it to beaver


Great to see Kuma bounce back from a couple of rough outings . . .
and with authority, no runs and no walks (not too shabby with the bat either: walk, sac bunt, K) on 96 pitches
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Now FIFTEEN scoreless innings for the BP. Today’s contributors ~ Yourvis and Nando ~ each with a hitless, scoreless frame and ONE strikeout. Nando’s 16th save.


~ Lots of hits (NINE), not a lot of power (ONE triple the only EBH) and WAY too many K’s (THIRTEEN)
But, it was  j u s t  enough ~ leave it to the Beavers!
Cole and Stefen the only batters with multi-hit games ~ both with TWO hist, Cole with an RBI, Stefen with the only extra-base hit (a triple)

* ONE double play (Robbie-Brad-Willie)
* Willie was at 1B today and made a nice line drive snag in the 6th
Brad had a couple notable plays . . .
a nice charging, quick release in the 3B and a not-so-quick release in the 9th (was so close it was challenged but, review confirmed the original call on the field – OUT)

tweets of the game . . .