g64 | of tributes, decent pitching and excellent DEE

Touching Tribute (the M’s always do “sappy” well ~ even a Yankee hater like me, had to shed a tear 😉 )


Jay and Edgar were on, before the game, along with Robbie and Felix to bestore Derek w/gifts . . .
Jay presented Jeter with a seat from the Kingdome (the venue where Jeter colleted his first MLB hit) Edgar presented the 2B bag from the game (it would be framed for Jeter after the series), Robbie gave him an inscribed watch (Rolex, no doubt) and finally, Felix presented him with a check to his Turn 2 foundation.

Mariners 2 | Yankees 3

Kuma had an un Kuma-like start to his start . . .
giving up FOUR hits (3 singles and 1 double) and TWO runs in the FIRST. He then settled in and allowed only TWO singles and TWO walks through SEVEN with three credits on PO along the way. Seems Kuma takes PFP seriously 😉  he had a couple of come-backers and threw to Willie at 1B and then Willie made a great back-handed stop and a toss to Kuma at the 1B bag (I swear that’s gotta be harder than it looks). It was in the 8th that Kuma gave up his second double and eighth total hit ~ to Jeter of course ~
In any case a very respectable start, The Bear definitely kept ’em in it . . .
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Unfortunately, Charlie promptly gave up a hit and and RBI to a lefty 😦 and the Yankees took the slim lead (3-2) that they would not relinquish. He induced a DP to end the 8th and, despite a HBP threw a scoreless 9th

Some VERY hard hit balls were deftly run down and/or caught at the wall . . .
woulda, coulda, shoulda as it was, M’s only recorded EIGHT hits ~ TWO for extra bases (doubles by Mike and Robbie)

THREE DP’s tonight . . .
* See the Mound section for Kuma’s glove work on one of them
* and a strike ’em out “tag ’em out’ that was kind of comical

tweets of the game . . .