g66 | swept away at home . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 6

swept away

Unfortunately, unlike in NY, the 1st inning was an omen for Roenis . . .
He gave up a home run to Ellsbury in the 1st inning of both games. In NY he settled down immediately and only gave up ONE more run and THREE more hits in SEVEN innings. No such luck tonight, just no command.
THREE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ SIX earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} But, the bully was SOLID ~ Dom, Danny, Yourvis and Charlie combined for FIVE.TWO scoreless innings, allowing only FOUR hits and ONE walk and striking out SIX

Gotta tip the cap to Mr Whitely AND the Yankee OF . . . .
I lost count of how many HARD hit balls died in Yankee OF’ers gloves 😦
As it was, most of their EIGHT hits were for extra bases . . .
~ THREE doubles – LoMo, Ack and Brad
~ ONE homer – LoMo’s first as a Mariner
~ BUT, seems like that total could have been easily doubled if it weren’t for great OF play (and some say defense isn’t important :/)

Most of the great DEE occurred when the Yanks were in the OF (see above) but, there were a couple of interesting things to note . . .
* No DP’s by either team
* Yanks made a throwing error on a pick-off attempt but, the M’s couldn’t capitalize
* Charlie made a great recovery on a come-backer that took a bad bounce – looked like a second baseman on that throw to 1B

tweets of the game . . .