g68 | five in-a-row in the bad column . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 4

5 in a rowON the MOUND
Erasmo wasn’t sharp or efficient, taking 89 pitches to go FIVE but, it was definitely progress, as they were scoreless innings . . . 
FIVE innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
} The good news is that Lord Farquhar struck out the side in the 6th. The bad news is that he allowed THREE runs in the inning (single, double, K, K, homer, K)
} Joe and Yourvis each went ONE scoreless inning
} Nando, came in for the 9th in a 3-3 tie and went ground out, single, ground out, single to allow the leading run to score


Double digit hits (ELEVEN to be exact) but didn’t make enough of them count . . .
~ Seager, as per usual vs. the Rangers, had a multi-hit game
~ James, Robbie, John and Willie also w/2 hits each
~ RBIs = Robbie, John and Stefen
~ Runs = Robbie, John and Willie
~ In the 6th, down by TWO, Robbie singled and Jesus followed with his first Mariners hit this season – he was then then lifted for a pinch-runner (Dustin). Robbie scored via John’s single on an awesome slide to tap the plate but, avoid the tag (the SAFE play was challenged, field ruling UPHELD)
~ In the 7th, with ONE out and the bases-loaded, Robbie hit a sinking line drive that short-hopped into the fielders glove, allowing Willie to score from 3B

* In the 1st, a SAFE call at 2B was challenged and OVER-TURNED, giving the M’s a strike-em out, throw-em out DP to end the inning
* In the 2nd, after a lead-off walk, Chirinos doubled and then a really nice relay: Stefen-to-Robbie-to-John to nail the runner at home

* In the 4th, a scary moment in the OF when Stefen and James collided, James belly flopped on the ground and it wasn’t clear until the replay that Stefen was the one in possession of the ball (and both seemed OK)
* In the 7th, an interesting “synchronized diving” play by the runner trying to get back to 1B and Willie flying to try to tag him (the OUT play was challenged and OVER-TURNED)

tweets of the game . . .