g70 | M’s score in bunches early, Pads avoid shutout late . . .

Heavy hearts across all of baseball today as Tony Gwynn is remembered, revered and mourned
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Mariners 5 | Padres 1


Chris done good vs his former team . . .
totally gave his hitters props for setting the tone early and allowed him to be aggressive
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Joe and Tom combined for THREE innings of ONE hit ball (unfortunately, that ONE hit was a solo shot in the 9th to wreck the shutout but, a win is a win

Efficient offense is fun . . .
Not as many hits tonight (7) as yesterday (13) but, same about of runs ~ gettin’ ’em over and gettin’ ’em in was NOT an issue tonight!

Speed is fun . . .
JJ with THREE stolen bases in TWO innings (and an pretty nifty, clean, hard slide to break up a DP) and he scored both times. Kyle had a SB as well (after reachin on a walk but, was stranded when Jesus struckout)

Power is fun . . .
~ Kyle keeping it rollin’ with a THREE-run homer in the 1st that (as Chris said) “set the tone for the game” (and, on a 3-0 pitch, no less!)
~ Brad with his 5th homer (a solo shot in the 2nd)
~ Robbie had the fifth RBI via a double in the 2nd (scoring JJ who had just stolen his third base)

I didn’t see the game so, can’t speak much to the DEE past the boxscore . . .
* Couple of flubs by the battery (bad pick-off attempt and a passed ball) though neither did any damage
* A couple of nice DP’s

tweets of the game . . .