g72 | Oh, the O (or lack thereof)

Mariners 1 | Padres 2

This is getting ridiculous . . .
Last THREE Felix starts:  22.1 innings ~ 11 hits ~ 2 earned runs ~ 3 walks ~ 31 strikeouts ~ 0-1 record :/

Tonight Felix gave up a hit to the lead-off batter then proceeded to retire FIFTEEN in-a-row. The only run the Pads scored off him was via a WP
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Charlie gave up an RBI double (ultimately, the winning run) after a very long AB (not pitch count-wise but, lots of stops/starts, calls for time (both by the battery and the batter) w/a runner on 2B. Yourvis allowed a hit but, got the last out of the 8th

~ SEVEN hits, only ONE double (LoMo was stranded at 3B with not outs, as he took 3B on a PB)
~ The M’s only run came in the 2nd: Mike was HBP (what else is new?!?) and Dustin and Brad singled
~ After stealing FOUR bases in the past TWO games, JJ was caught in this one (for only the second time)
~ Kudos to Brad, who is slowly but surely doing his best to climb out of the abyss (at least one hit in EIGHT of his last ELEVEN games (including a double, a triple and a homer)

no DPs and few highlight plays  (though Brad had a nice leaping grab in the 2nd)

tweets of the game . . .