g78 | struggling starter? just give me a couple of bats and a pen . . .

Mariners 8 | Red Sox 2

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase Board ON the MOUND
Erasmo’s Houdini impression finally failed him . . .
he escaped the 1st without damage despite walking THREE, had a semi-clean 2nd (just a single), again eluded trouble with TWO on ONE out in the 3rd (thanks to the successful challenge of Dustin’s great-effort, non-catch in LF) but, the 4th would be his un-doing – a lead-off single and a TWO out TWO-run homer gave the Red Sox their only TWO runs of the game . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} and then, leave it to BeiQuharBushIna as Joe, Danny, Charlie and Yourvis combined for THREE.TWO scoreless innings allowing only THREE hits and ONE walk and striking out FOUR ~ Way to go, PEN!!!

Red Sox = oh fer NINE w/RISP

Another double-digit hit night (though only single digit runs) including . . .
~ RBI double (Kyle)
~ RBI triple (Endy – second in as many nights)
~ TWO homers (Kyle, 3-run and Mike, solo shot)
~ Sac-fly and a bunt base hit from LoMo (after the TWO homers last night – guess he’s versitile 😉 )
~ Brad with the “picket fence” – ONE hit, ONE run, ONE walk, ONE rbi, ONE strikeout

* LoMo with a diving snare of a liner in the hole between 1B and 2B
* Ack with an all out diving CATCH on the LF warning track corner CHALLENGED = OVER-TURNED (from the second angle they showed the ball popped out of his glove for a split-second (Lloyd made a challenge as well – asking if one runner had passed the other – apparently, the entire play had been reviewed and it stood (Ortiz with a base hit) but – all was moot, as the third out was accomplished before any runs could score)
* nice running catch up against the “small wall” on foul ball by Kyle

quote of the game . . .

“And the legend of Logan Morrison continues.” — Aaron Goldsmith (on LoMo’s bunt base hit)

tweets of the game . . . 


this one was actually from last night but, could still apply tonight 😉


meanwhile, down on the farm . . .