g80 | Chris grinds, Endy shines, Nando shoots, M’s win!

Mariners 3 | Indians 2 

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Mr. Young walked a bit of a tight-rope tonight (RISP in every inning but the 1st and he threw a LOT of pitches) but, he hung in and thanks to the BP, the DEE and the OH Chris got his 7th victory . . .
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

Sounding like a broken record but, the bullpen = AWESOME!

} Joe, Danny, Yourvis and Charlie combined for THREE scoreless, ONE hit innings
} Nando gave up his first run in FIVE outings and only his second for the month of June but, he was able to earn his TWENTY-SECOND save and the M’s get their FORTY-THIRD win


Double-digit hits and THREE for extra-bases ~ TWO doubles and a homer

~ Endy!
singled, stole 2B and scored in the 1st giving the M’s an early 1-0 lead and then went deep in the 7th to give the M’s the 3-1 lead _______

~ Michael’s back!
and picking up where he left off before his DL stint . . . a single and a double and a run-scored

~ Kyle keeps on keepin’ on!
THREE more hits tonight and an RBI

* Mike was robbed of a at least a double on a great catch by Brantley but, that wasn’t the worst part . . . he double LoMo off 1B :/
*Not often you see an error charged on a play that results in ONE out and NO runs but, that happened to LoMo when he bobbled a GB but stuck with it an was able to nail the advancing runner at 3B for the THIRD out of the 7th inning

tweets of the game . . .