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Yes, it was the “lowly ‘stros” – but, remember the M’s were only 10-9 against them last season and 5-5 going into this series. They finally took care of the business as they should have and put a little dent in that “playing to the level of their competition” they’ve been epitomizing (it’s great when they’re playing good teams, not so much when playing the weak sisters)

Mariners 5 | Astros 2

broom 1

Mr. Young turned in one of if not THE best start of his season…
TWO solo shots the only damage the ‘stros could muster
SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Danny, Yourvis and Nando combined for a scoreless TWO and Nando’s arrow flew for the league-leading TWENTY-FOURTH time


THIRD game in-a-row w/double-digit hit game . . .
~ including THREE doubles (LoMo, Robbie and Dustin)
~ middle of the order with all the RBIs (Kyle, LoMo and John)
~ top to mid of the order with all the runs (JJ, Robbie, Kyle and LoMo
~ and they all came in the middle of the game (5th & 6th innings)

* NO DPs from either side
* Springer robbed Brad of a sure extra-base hit

tweets of the game . . .