g89 | “We went top-shelf today.”

–Michael on the Mike and Michael homers

makers mark



t was the Bear, the Condor, the Lord and Zu before Nando’s arrow flew






Gamut of emotions with this one . . .
+ excitement before the game when Kyle was named to the All Star Game (replacement for Encarnacion)
+ elation immediately after the game about the win
+ shock in the clubhouse a bit later when news about John Buck’s DFA came down

Mariners 2 | Twins 0

Kuma The Bear, weyou!
33 2/3 innings without allowing an earned run vs the Twins – yowsa!
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts 

} Danny and Fernando each went ONE inning and each posted TWO strikeouts . . .
Nando picked up his TWENTY-SIXTH save for Kuma’s SEVENTH victory

Not a lot but, just enough . . .
~ Zu 13th home run in the 2nd snapped the M’s 10-straight scoreless innings streak and, more impressively, broke the record for home runs by a M’s catcher before the break  (previously a 3-way tie:  Zunino, Wilson and Olivo)
~ The Condor homered in the 7th – though we (and he!) weren’t so sure until he was back int he dugout. It looked like Fuld had robbed him at the wall (Michael was looking toward the outfield the entire trip around the bases). Fuld made a GREAT effort (and came up limping) but it just squeaked over.

* Robbie, being Robbie (his usual GG self) with that back, across-the-body throw – no body does. it. better.
* Michael with a nice running grab of a foul ball in RF
* Kyle with a nice play at the hot corner

quote of the game . . .

“This is going to be a “chemistry test”, no question.” –Shannon Drayer on the Buck DFA

tweets of the game . . . 


Back to happier news ~ HUGE congrats to ALL our ALL STARS!!!