g91 | of rookie struggles and non-clutch bats . . .

To say it wasn’t Roenis’ night is a bit of an understatement . . .
He gave up SEVEN TIMES as many hits AND runs in his 3.1 innings as the bully did in their 5.2
On the broadcast, the camera caught Felix, Roenis and Lloyd deep in conversation in the dugout. Shannon said she asked Felix about the conversation, was he just interpreting? Apparently not, Felix told her that he reminded Roenis that you learn more from your bad games than your good games 🙂
THREE.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SEVEN runs ~ SIX earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Stephen (just activated!), Dom and Brandon combined for a stellar FIVE.TWO innings allowing only ONE run on TWO hits and striking out SIX

The M’s actually out hit the Twins 12-9 . . .
though Robbie’s double was their only EBH (compared to the Twins FOUR doubles – all off Roenis)
~ Batters 1-4 had EIGHT hits, unfortunately that whole RISP is still a bit of an issue
~ And, only ONE walk (after ZERO yesterday)

I remember when the Twins were known for their fundamental DEE – not sure if that’s still a general impression but, they sure looked beyond fundamental in the field tonight.
* Brad with a nice little low pick and flip to Robbie in the 4th
* Kyle with a nice snare of a grounder to start a DP that ended the top of the 5th
* LoMo with a very unfortunate error that led to a couple of runs and, for all intents and purposes, put things out of reach

tweets of the game . . .