g92 | not lack of hits, lack of hits that count

Once again, the M’s outhit the Twins 12-9
Once again, the M’s lose to the Twins

As mentioned earlier in the season, M’s MO seems to be playing to the level of their competition . . .

  • 23-14 vs. teams OVER .500
  • 26-29 vs. teams UNDER .500

So, bring on the A’s!!!

So, the much talked about “bullpen day” has come and gone . . .
Tom (Tall Tom from Tucson, as Rick would say) gave up a walk in the 1st but, otherwise cruised through the first two innings. Then came the 3rd – a walk, a single, a double steal and a rare throwing error by Mike allows one runner to score and the other to advance to 3B (and subsequently score on a sac-fly). Tom used 53 pitches but, couldn’t get that third out in the 3rd (though it wasn’t all his fault) . . .
TWO.TWO innings ~ ONE hit ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny wasn’t too sharp – he got the last out of the 3rd, pitched a scoreless 5th and gave up a couple of 2-out singles before being replace by Joe who promptly gave up a 2-run double to Morales. Since the runners were inherited, Joe’s scoreless innings streak remained in tact (NINETEEN innings now) – something I’m on record as saying is not fairly credited (or debited 😉 )  – still say they should “share” the earned runs – one guy let them get on, the other let them score)

} Dom, Charlie and Lucas – performed as we are accustomed THREE innings of scoreless ball

~ Bases loaded TWICE and nothing to show for it :/
~ Hitters 1-4 had NINE of the TWELVE hits
~ Only ONE of the TWELVE hits was for extra bases (Kyle’s solo shot in the 3rd)
~ JJ was involved in TWO replay reviews: both overturned in Twins favor (pick off at 1B and 3B sac fly)
~ Hey, they were 1-3 w/RISP :/
~ LoMo with a couple of at ’em balls tonight – seriously, they are BOUND to start dropping
~ Michael was lifted in the middle of an AB in the 8th with a back issue 😦 (Dustin inherited TWO strikes and got the third on the first pitch he saw)

the Condor making some nice catches in the OF and nearly took out Robbie in shallow right . . .

A nice DP and a couple of “Robbie’s” but also, the fateful throwing error by Zu and a mis-play by JJ that allowed TWO runs to score

tweets of the game . . .