g104 | lookie here, runs!

Mariners 4 | Orioles 3

Chris Young. Sensational.
wow – holding the O’s scoreless on just TWO hits?!?! I’m thinking Mr. Young is deserving of Comeback Player of the Year AND Unsung hero
SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ THREE walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} So, the bullpen finally showed they were mortal, as Danny and Joe and Yourvis did NOT have a good day. Danny took over for Chris in the 8th and after TWO ground ball outs, he hit Adam Jones and walked Cruz. Enter Joe who threw a wild pitch and then (see in the field) TWO runs score on an error. Enter Yourvis who promptly gives up a single and an inherited runner along with it. But, there was the slimmist of margins to spare
} Congrats to Nando on his 28th save of the season and the 200th of his career!!!

Another game of single-digit hits but, also one of runs greater than TWO and THREE for EIGHT w/RISP . . .
~ Dustin just keeps on hitting . . .
~ TWO doubles today and TWO runs scored
~ Robbie also had a double, a run scored and an RBI
~ Kyle and Kendrys each had ONE hit and ONE RBI (LoMo w/the other RBI)

* rare Kyle error in the 7th allows the O’s first TWO runs to score
* rare final out – Nando catches Lough stealing 2B

tweets of the game . . .