g113 | series (and season!) sweep of the Braves

Mariners 7 | Braves 3

Safeco Field in the Seattle summer sunshine (especially on a WEEKDAY afternoon)  . . .
doesn’t get much better. (well, except a WIN and we got that too!)

sunny safeco 8.6.14

Mr. Young started out on cruise control . . . 
he retired the side in order (w/THREE K’s) in the first TWO innings. Then came the 3rd where he loaded the bases via THREE straight singles and then walked in a run (ugh!) and then gave up a TWO-run double. Chris hung in there, and though he threw a ton of pitches (92) he was able to post FIVE full and, ultimately (thanks to some awesome O) earn the victory.
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The bullpen was fully rested (since the off-day on Monday was book-ended by Kuma and King’s 7+ innings) so, maybe a good thing that they got some low leverage work in . . .
} Joe allowed a hit to the only batter he faced but, Dom and Tom each pitched ONE scoreless frame
} Charlie and Yourvis combined for TWO more scoreless innings

The bats breakout!
And, turns out I missed the 3rd inning hit parade, due to the fact I was a little late to the ball park and then decided to eat my chicken and garlic fries in the sunshine of the third level concourse (it was beautiful!) Anyhoo, by the time I took my seat, the M’s were leading 5-3
~ Ack, Robbie and Kyle all had multi-hit games
~ Ack and LoMo each with homers (LoMo’s of the THREE-run variety!)
~ Chris keeps contributing – he built a picket fence: ONE hit, ONE walk, ONE run, ONE rbi
~ Jesus was the only hitter without as least ONE hit

Love, love, lovin’ the DEE!
* Austin with a nice OF assist
* Dustin with an awesome running catch (that, frankly I though he might lose in the sun as he had a few innings earlier) . . .

tweets of the game . . .