g114 | whoa – lucky THIRTEEN!

Mariners 13 | White Sox 3

It’s not often that the M’s record more RUNS than HITS but, this was one of those nights . . .
THIRTEEN runs on TWELVE hits

A very Roenis start – forget the pencil, you can almost ‘ink’ it . . .
Since the All Star Break, he’s been like clockwork (be nice if he could reduce his pitch count and get through another inning or two but, he’s a rookie who is learning on the job and getting the job done.

FIVE.TWO innings ~ TWO hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Brandon and Danny combined for THREE plus innings ONE run, FOUR strikeout relief to preserve Roenis’ NINTH victory and the M’s 60th victory (by the by – the Mariners didn’t record their 60th victory in 2013 until August 29th)

Every starter had at least ONE hit except Kendrys (but, he was HBP and scored a run) . . .
~ FIVE extra-base hits: LoMo double, homers by Ack, Robbie, Endy and Kyle
~ batters 5-8 scored EIGHT of the THIRTEEN runs
~ Ack and Robbie combined for SIX rbi
~ Kyle and Endy combined for FIVE rbi

No DP’s and ONE error (Chris T)

tweets of the game . . .