g119 | 11 ~ 34 ~ 64 ~ 400

by the numbers . . .
– Chris Young gets win #11
– Fernando Rodney earns save #34
– Mariners record victory #64
– Lloyd McClendon collects career victory #400



Mariners 6 | Blue Jays 3

” . . . one of the best managers and people I’ve been around in this game.”
—Chris Young on Lloyd McClendon

Mr Young just keeps doing his thing at The Safe and, get a load of this . . .

SIX innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie gave up a double but, only needed SEVENTEEN pitches to get FOUR outs
} Brandon had his first real rough patch since joining the pen – giving up TWO runs on THREE hits (he’d only allowed ONE run over the past 20.2 innings)
} Joe took over for Brandon when it appeared he was not going to get out of the 8th – he got TWO outs but, not before allowing an inherited runner to score
} Nando with TWO quick outs (a strikeout and a grounder) then allows a walk and another grounder to end the game and earn that 34th save

Only EIGHT hits but, when that nets you SIX runs – we’ll take it!
EIGHT games into this NINE game home stand, only ONE game where they scored less than FOUR runs (TWO where they scored double-digits)
~ Great to see Kendrys coming ’round – a double and a homer tonight
~ LoMon extends his hitting streak to 13-games, recording a single, a double and a run scored (from 1B, due to Rasmus’ error)
~ Kyle continues his assault on his home field w/ his 18th homer of the season 15 at home
~ Dustin keeps it rollin’, adding on in the 5th w/ a TWO-run single
~ there was some hitlessness (Robbie, Mike and both Chrises) but, guess it’s a good thing that they can score SIX runs w/FOUR guys goin’ 0’fer

After a plethera of DP’s the past few days – not a ONE was turned in this one.
* Just solid DEE and ONE spectacular leaping catch to end the game – nice job, Dustin!

tweets of the game . . .