g121 | half game lead for the second wild card . . .

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Mariners 7 | Tigers 2

James with a lovely QS in his third start since coming back from the DL . . .
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Tom and Dom and Danny each went ONE inning (Dom the only one that allowed a run -garbage time- w/TWO out in the 8th, Dom allowed a run via a walk, WP and a single)

Runs, Runs and more Runs!
~ The bottom third of the lineup (including Crazy Legs triple as a sub) went 6-11, scored THREE of the runs and collected THREE of the RBI
~ Robbie, Kyle, LoMo and Chris T all w/TWO hits (Robbie his 11th homer)
~ Interesting run in the top of the 9th w/runners at 1B (Chris T walk) and 3B (Crazy Legs triple) and ONE out – Chris T was caught stealing 2B and Brad scored

If there are those who didn’t know Chris T before this game, they do now (SportsCenter’s TopPlay) . . .

* Chris committed a throwing error in the 1st but, more than made up for it by assisting in all THREE outs that inning – and going on to assist FIVE more times (once on a DP) and record ONE unassisted put-out as well.
* Meanwhile, LoMo was on the other end of most of those Chris T assists (SIX to be exact) and he collected THRE more and ONE unassisted. I have to admit, LoMo has played MUCH better at 1B than expected (really not much of a drop off from Justin, and that’s saying a lot, as I believe Justin was a severely underrated first bagger)

tweets of the game . . .