g122 | “Well, I’ve seen your act before.” — Tony Randazzo

What act would that be, Mr. Randazzo? If you’re implying that Lloyd has some sort of reputation (which considering his limited history as a manager, is highly unlikely) that would mean you are using that against him – which would be highly inappropriate.

Now, this is NOT to say that the umpire was the SOLE reason for the M’s losing this game (Mr. Price had a little something to do with that) BUT, had the strike zone been consistently called (on BOTH sides) Felix may have been able to go longer and the M’s batters may have had more of a fair shot at the plate.

Mariners 2 | Tigers 4

bad umpire

UNhappy Felix day 😦 . . .
His historic streak (of SIXTEEN games of SEVEN innings or more and TWO earned runs or less) came to an end. He threw a TON of pitches (92) thanks to the home plate umpire (to whom Lloyd gave a piece of his mind in the bottom of the 3rd just prior to exiting the field to spend the remainder of the game in the clubhouse) and was hit in the hip by a come-backer in the 4th (which he fielded to 1B for the out). Felix had far from his best stuff and it all added up to his shortest outing of the season since May 2nd vs. the Astros
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

The M’s gave up more than THREE runs for the first time in August and the bullpen showed they aren’t invincible either . . .
} Brandon gave up TWO runs on FOUR hits in his ONE.TWO innings
} Joe was solid in his ONE+ w/ONE hit and ONE strikeout

Not much going vs. Mr. Price (only THREE hits) – but they weren’t without their chances . . .
~ the best one coming in the 8th when they loaded the bases with ONE out but, ended up leaving all those ducks on the pond via an Austin K and a Dustin GO :/

~ then in the 9th, they had a serious chance against Nathan – Robbie with some head’s up base-running, advancing all the way to 3B from 1B when Nathan fielded a ground ball to 1B (that probably should have been a DP) with no one was covering 3B. Then, with ONE out, Endy then singled but, the rally died when Kyle grounded into a DP 😦

The M’s looked more like the Tiggers in the field tonight (and that’s not a good thing)
* Chris committed his fifth error
* Mike allowed a rare passed ball
* No DP’s turnd (but TWO turned against them)


tweets of the game . . .