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Mariners 5 | Phillies 2

Kuma . . .

  1. 1.
    most important, powerful, or influential.
    “they are now in an even more dominant position in the market”
    synonyms: presiding, ruling, governing, controlling, commanding, ascendant,supreme, authoritative


ELEVEN was his number for the night . . .
he struck out ELEVEN ~and~ retired the last ELEVEN batters he faced

EIGHT innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs/runs ~ ZERO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

The 9th got a little too dicey (but, hey – the BP has been SO lights out, they’re allowed a mulligan or two) in that they combined to give up half as many hits (TWO) twice as many runs (TWO) and ONE more walk (ONE) in their ONE inning than Kuma did in his EIGHT . . . 
} Charlie walked the lead-off guy (on his ninth pitch) but, then got TWO quick outs
} Lloyd brought in Yourvis, presumably to get him so work to keep him sharp, alas, it didn’t have the desired result – a single, a wild pitch, a double and a HBP resulted in TWO Phillies runs and a runner on 1B.
} Nando in to record his 36th save (his second of the ONE-out variety)

That’s more like it “bats and wheels” . . .
~ Top Two in the order (AJack and Ack) combined for THREE walks, THREE stolen bases (including a double-steal in the 1st – where they BOTH would score) and they each doubled later in the game
~ Robbie, Kyle and LoMo building a picket fences (each with a hit, a run and an RBI – Robbie also stole a base)
~ Kyle’s hit was his NINETEENTH homer
~ Zu with TWO hits, including a TWO-run single in the 8th, without which, possibly a different outcome
~ FOUR (count ’em FOUR!) stolen bases

* No DP’s turned on either side
* Brad (call him Crazy Legs or call him Make Me Dizzy!) makes a spinning throw in the 3rd – a bit high but, LoMo hauls it in for the out

tweets of the game . . .