g134 | a little closer but, same “L” result . . .

The M’s haven’t dropped THREE straight since July 25th
(when they lost the last 2 to the Mets and first 2 to the O’s at home)









Mariners 1 | Nationals 3

Good to see Roenis go more than FIVE and keep them in it . . .
I think the M’s would take an outing like this from him every time the rest of the way. Remains to be seen though, how much more he’ll actually pitch (considering his previous season high is 148.1 and, after tonight, he’s now at 149.2)  He made a mistake to Werth in the 1st but, wouldn’t have been as painful, without the mis-cue in the OF (see IN the FIELD) on the ball hit by the previous batter.
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE runs ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

The bullpen was (thankfully!) back to their old, reliable self . . .
} Dom, Tom and Charlie combined for THREE scoreless, only TWO hits, NO walks and FOUR strikeouts

EIGHT hits apiece – unfortunately, theirs counted for more . . .
~ Strasburg retired the M’s in order FOUR times (yeah, he’s sorta good)
~ The M’s had a chance in the 4th with singles by Jesus and Austin but, Dustin struck out for the third out
~ Dustin got a little retribution in the 8th when he hit a solo shot

~ A bit of a rally in the 9th with Kyle and Endy both singling but, then Austin grounded out to end the game

Big mis-communication in the 1st that led to the TWO-run homer . . .
ball hit to left center and Dustin and Austin nearly collided, still not sure who’s fault it really was (Austin was tagged with the error as Dustin appeared to have it all the way till Austin was right on him). Got to talk, guys!

Except for that (granted, a BIG except) the DEE was awesome . . .
* a couple of DP’s
* Robbie and Kyle – making play after play
* Jesus a nice job behind the plate

tweets of the game . . .