g137 | half a dozen was J U S T enough . . .

“This young man’s go greatness written all over him. He’s just gotta stay healthy.”
—Lloyd McClendon

Mariners 6 | Athletics 5

half dozen


wOw, James!!!
The A’s didn’t have a runner as far as 2B until the 8th inning (prior to which, they only had THREE hits and ONE walk) and then he made it to 3B after a hit and a GIDP. James posted a career high 7 2/3 innings (only 92 pitches – SEVENTEEN of them came in the 8th inning)

Powerful, effective, efficient . . .
SEVEN.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

The bullpen made it a little too interesting tonight . . .
} Yourvis gave up TWO inherited runners and ONE of his own and, after striking out the first TWO batters
} Nando allowed not ONE, not TWO but, THREE doubles and TWO runs – thankfully, a ground out came next for his 4oth save

Only EIGHT hits but, they made ’em count ~ duces wild in the middle innings  . . .
~ Austin with TWO-run single in the 3rd
~ Endy with a TWO run (hustle!) double in the 4th
~ Kyle with his 21st homer – a TWO-run shot in the 5th
~ Stefen picked off 2B for the third out of the 8th was  a bit deflating – but, it mattered not

Sparkling DEE all.night.long  . . .
* Jesus with a great caught stealing throw
* James made a play (that he didn’t make last time out) off his glove, chased it throw to LoMo at 1B
* Kyle with a nifty leaping catch of a chopper and strong throw to 1B
* THREE, count ’em THREE, double plays!

tweets of the game . . .