g139 | apparently, the M’s were quite the danger to the Rangers, while the Hawks were ‘smacking the pack’

Yes, I admit to being fully distracted from the M’s game since I was actually AT the Seahawks game (I didn’t even check the M’s score once, as I had to turn my phone off to save battery). Needless to say, once I knew both outcomes, it was an even happier ride home on the link 😉

Mariners 10 | Rangers 2

Roenis had a nice outing . . . 
the bad news, still only FIVE innings, the good news only 72 pitches (a low number for him)
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout

All-in-all, the Rangers had TEN hits = NINE singles and a solo shot

} Danny gave up the solo shot in the 9th but, other than that, the combined relief of Dom, Brandon, Tom and Dany was spotless

Obviously, a good night for the hitters . . .
~ Austin, Robbie, Chris D and Jesus all with multi-hit games AND at least ONE hit and ONE RBI
~ Robbie led the pack w/FOUR RBI, Jesus w/TWO
~ Ack and both Chrises had multi-score games
~ Chris T walked THREE times

Not too shabby in this category either . . .
FOUR, count ’em FOUR double-plays!

tweets of the game . . .