g146 | pitcher battles, solo shots rule, save prevails . . .

Mariners 4 | Athletics 2

James said he didn’t have fast ball command and really had to battle but, all the better to know that he could get through SIX on a less than stellar day . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts
(the THREE walks were in the same inning – the 3rd – TWO one-out walks, a strikeout, an RBI single, a walk and a K)

} Carson continues to impress, this time retiring the first FIVE batters he faced (including TWO strikeouts) before walking a batter. Charlie came in and got the third out of the 8th (Dunn flied out)
} Nando’s franchise tying 45th save (w/Sasaki) wasn’t without a tad bit of drama (first two batters singled) but, as per usual – he GOT IT DONE with a ground out and TWO K’s

Not a lot of hits (7) but, just enough runs and a nice extra-base hit ratio (5) . . .
~ THREE solo shots (Robbie, LoMo and Kendrys)
~ a Kyle walk and a Zu double accounted for the other score (LoMo had the other double)

* Austin took a couple steps forward, made a quick adjustment for a great catch for the third out of the 1st
* Kyle made a great play (after a muff) diving stop and a flip to Robbie at 2B to get the pitcher running (yes – the pitcher in an AL game – Oak lost their DH when he had to move to catcher when

tweets of the game . . .