g147 | encouraging full house, discouraging loss . . .


Treated myself to Terrace Club Seats for “NIGHT COURT”



So great to see and be in a FULL HOUSE


Mariners 2 | Athletics 3



Felix, backed by his “Night Court”, pitched a very Felix-like game thru SIX . . .
in which he gave up only FOUR scattered singles. In the 6th, a mistake to Donaldson allows the tying run to score via a solo shot. Things got a bit ugly in the 7th: even though he ended up striking out the side, TWO wild pitches and a single (that sailed inches above Chris T’s glove) allowed the go-ahead run to score.
SEVEN innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts



} Compare and contrast the top of the 1st and the top of the 8th . . .
^ top of the 1st – despite a lead-off single, Felix needed only FIVE pitches to get THREE outs
^ top of the 8th – it took FOUR relievers (Joe, Tom, Charlie and Danny) to get THREE outs (ZERO runs scored)
} Danny stayed in for the 9th and kept it tied via a couple of ground outs and a CS (in which the runner was originally called safe but, call overturned on challenge)
} Nando’s outing was a rare 10+ on the quiver meter 😦
FOUR walks which, of course included one of the bases-loaded variety

I’m convinced I jinxed the BP/caused the melt-down was due to the fact that I explained the ‘stellar-ness’ of the M’s bullpen (and the occasional FRE) to a St Louis fan sitting beside me 😉


Our view of the press box

Started out kinda fun – when a couple of rooks combine for the first run of a tight game . . .
~ JJ led off the 3rd with a triple (man, can that boy run!) and Chris T knocks him in with a solid single
~ Robbie tied the game in the 7th with a lead-off homer (his second in as many games)
~ Zu hit one “Space Needle high” – and we held our breath – but, ‘t was the last out instead of the tying run
But – can’t expect to win w/only FIVE total hits (even though TWO were for extra-bases)


DEE was solid, though ZERO DP’s turned (compared to THREE turned against them)
* JJ and Endy w/nice running OF grabs
* Kyle with a running, stretching grab on the line
* Chris T w/a snare of a smash liner to end the 10th (ultimately too little, too late but, easily saved TWO runs)
* LoMo made a couple of nice snares at 1B but, also muffed one and then his throw to Felix covering was WAY too hard (went all the way to home plate)

tweets of the game . . .