g153 | Tai and the ‘pen JUST enough, the bats MORE than enough . . .

Mariners 10 | Astros 5

Taijuan threw a LOT of pitches in the 1st (26, to be exact) and allowed ONE run but . . .
he then settled down and allowed only scattered singles and a couple of walks and ONE more run the rest of the way (nice to see the 1-2-3 bottom of the 4th after the M’s O exploded in the top of the inning) . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Brandon appeared to be a bit rusty, considering he promptly gave up a double and a single for a run but, in the 7th retired all THREE straight
} Yourvis (who makes me more nervous than Nando) didn’t have a good day or had bad luck or both. A total of THREE singles and a ground out accounted for the TWO runs he allowed.
} Joe and Danny closed out the 9th with no hits and a couple of strikeouts

ahhh . . . . where to start?
~ Astros out hit the Mariners THIRTEEN to TWELVE but, the M’s had FOUR homers and a double
~ Ack with TWO homers and Kyle and Zu each had THREE-run shots in the same inning (the 4th)
~ Robbie had THREE hits, ONE an RBI single that was his 900th career RBI
~ Michael, Kendrys and Brad, the only starters withOUT at least ONE hit, combined for FIVE walks
~ Austin, James and LoMo each with stolen bases (Michael was caught)

TWO DP’s turned and THREE turned against them

tweets of the game . . .