g9 | spittin’ bristles in LA

Mariners 2 | Dodgers 5

Save for Nellie and the depleted yet, effective, bullpen, not a lot to write home about tonight.


Taijuan still struggling, mightily . . .
FOUR innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts
– Only ONE of the SIX hits was for extra-bases (but, it was a TWO-run double)
– TWO of the FOUR walks scored (as well as a HBP)

The bullpen was stupendous – gave them EVERY chance to come back . . .
} Tyler and Danny combined for FOUR scoreless innings allowing THREE hits and THREE walks and striking out FOUR

EIGHT total hits, only TWO for extra-bases . . . 
~ Nellie’s FIFTH straight game with a homer (SIXTH homer in FIVE games) was the highlight 🙂
~ Zu hit it hard in the once and the CF’er made a great play (in fact, a LOT of the Dodger fielders made great plays!). He then finally recorded his first hit of the series (a ground rule double) but, was erased when he was thrown out at home on a Justin single 😦

~ And then there was Robbie’s faux paux . . .

The defense was less than stellar tonight . . .
Nellie with an error in RF and overall, just not sharp (mentally AND physically)

tweets of the game . . .